Online Survey Research

From questionnaire development, programming, recruiting, and data collection to analysis, reporting, follow-up analysis, and white glove project management throughout, VGM offers full-service custom research with a focus on quality, speed, and actionability. Services include:

Methodological Consultation and Questionnaire Development

VGM will assess your research objectives, recommend the optimal methodology, and develop a customized questionnaire. Research objectives may include but are not limited to:

  • Product development and evaluation: Gauge consumer response to existing products in the marketplace and identify opportunities for new product development
  • Concept testing: Gauge the appeal of new product and marketing ideas
  • Marketing copy tests: Measure consumer response to positioning statements, concept descriptions, key art, trailers, packages, and additional marketing material
  • Feature tests: Assess consumer interest in current and potential feature sets
  • Market segmentation/sizing: Develop psychographic, demographic, technographic, and media consumption profiles of each distinct consumer group within a particular market and quantify the size of each group
  • Brand testing: Quantify and qualify the relative strengths and weaknesses of brands in the marketplace
  • Brand tracking: Measure changes in awareness, interest, sentiment, purchase intent, and other variables of interest over time
  • Pricing research: Optimize profitability by testing consumer sensitivity to multiple price points
  • Post-Launch Assessment: Gain feedback from current users, lapsed users, non-users, and rejectors of a product already in the marketplace and develop actionable steps to increase retention and market share.
  • Business-to-business: Understand the state of B2B markets
  • And many more: We will create a custom questionnaire to meet the needs of any unique research objective

Survey methodologies may include but are not limited to:

  • A/B testing: Test multiple versions of a website, app, or other stimuli and quantify the appeal of each option
  • Conjoint analysis: Build the optimal product by understanding how consumers value different attributes (e.g., features, functions, benefits, prices)
  • MaxDiff: Understand how consumers make choices to quantify the value of individual features
  • Regression (linear / nonlinear / binary / multinormal): Quantify the correlation between two or more variables (e.g., the relationship between price and overall satisfaction)
  • Semantic analysis: Understand common themes regarding a particular product or service by analyzing free responses
  • Discriminant and classification analysis: Identify the variables that best distinguish unique market segments
  • Cluster analysis: Group respondents that exhibit similar behavior patterns to reveal unique market segments
  • Principal component and factor analysis: Combine similar variables into groups (factors) that are more useful for characterizing a market segment
  • Perceptual mapping and brand mapping: Identify the relative strengths and weaknesses of brands in the marketplace
  • TURF (total unduplicated research frequency) analysis: Understand the combination of products and services that will appeal to the greatest number of customers

Survey Programming

  • Our team of expert survey programmers is available 7 days/week to program surveys quickly and accurately


  • The quality and integrity of data is our biggest priority. The VGM project management team strategically recommends and oversees best practices in identifying fraudulent respondents
  • From panel integration to setting up redirection and screening criteria, termination logic, and embedded data and quota management, the project management team keeps track of the technical details
  • VGM works with clients in making any adjustments to surveys prior to full survey launch
  • VGM also manages respondent incentives, if needed, by delivering online gift card codes or mailing gift cards for optimizing survey fill rate/precise rate

Data Collection

  • VGM provides a user-friendly web interface for overall reporting or viewing individual responses
  • At any time during data collection, clients are able to view live results through their VGM account
  • The VGM project management team can also regularly report and update the status of data collection

Data Analysis

  • In order to increase the precision of survey results, VGM analyzes data based on the “cleaned data” by filtering out “invalid data” based on screening questions (including open-ended responses) in the survey
  • VGM provides both quantitative (e.g., statistical) and qualitative (e.g., semantic) data analysis
  • VGM also provides “cleaned” raw data in Microsoft Excel (.xlsx) and/or SPSS format (.sav)

Topline Deliverable

  • Upon completion of a study, within 48 hours VGM will provide a topline report in Microsoft Excel (.xlsx) and/or Word format (.docx) to distill the key takeaways of the research

Final Deliverable

  • VGM provides a final report delivered in Microsoft PowerPoint format (.pptx) 5 to 10 days after the topline report is produced
  • Our professional design team can also produce premium visual infographic reports (.pdf)

Presentation of Results and Follow-up Analysis

  • Upon delivery of the final report, VGM will provide a formal presentation of the results and deliver any follow-up analysis at the client’s request
  • We securely preserve each client’s survey data for future study or comparison

White Glove Project Management and Customer Service

  • From greenlight to the final deliverable, your dedicated project manager will be focused on your research study and provide you with an exceptional level of customer service 7 days/week