fanpress: White Label Premium Social Media Platform

VGM’s premium social media platform is a white label product that offers a fully customizable feature set & branding. User access to each feature can require payment be free to use.

A sample of available features include:

  • Live streaming (fully functional in the GCC)
  • Pay-per-view/ticketed broadcasts
  • Video calls
  • Voice calls
  • Direct messaging
  • Profile creation
  • Posting videos & pictures on profile
  • Monthly subscription service
  • Homepage feed
  • Discovery page
  • Payment processing
  • Best-in-class fraud prevention
  • And much more…

Custom Development

VGM’s unique expertise in consumer research makes us the ideal partner for developing successful technology products.

Our veteran development team, based in the United States, will understand the unique needs of your business and build custom software solutions in-house that run flawlessly at scale with beautiful, intuitive user interface. We have extensive experience on mobile optimized web apps & native apps.

As a market research firm & development team under the same roof, we have a massive advantage over traditional software development companies that rely entirely on their own subjective opinions. Every development decision that we make is based in objective consumer data. The result is a superior product.